Cuckoo Crafts  P1180974

Cuckoo crafts have been providing exciting creative workshops for children and adults since 2005. They are the resident craft workshop providers  at a range of festivals including The Children’s Festival at Sidmouth Folk Week. They have hosted creative arts projects at many primary schools, festivals and arts events.

Popular Cuckoo Crafts activities include: mural painting, silk painting, plaque making, mask making and modeling. Mural painting can be based on fabric for display indoors or on boards for display outside, a great opportunity to create something lasting for future festivals, events or your community.

Bev and Ray guide every participant to channel their creativity into the crafts. Participants leave with a smile and a sense of achievement .

Mini Crafts and Messy Crafts are special workshops for children 6 years and under, each child arrives and everything is in place and ready to create, everybody leaves with something they made. Messy crafts often involve paint and glitter and get quite……..messy!